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October 2008
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Bebe [userpic]
I can't really think of a theme. + Intro

I want a themed neighborhood, but I've been really uninspired lately. I have my old Prosperity neighborhood, but it's on it's 8th generation and just not that interesting anymore, and there are too many sims to really care about. I've been really considering starting some kind of themed neighborhood where aging and generations wouldn't really happen. I guess I just want some ideas. What's everyone doing?

Also, hi, I'm new. My online name is Bebe and I've been a Sims 2 addict for about three years now.



It's hard to give ideas when I don't know what types of things you might be interested in, but here are some general ones.

1. Pick something from the game and expand upon it in great detail. For example, Bigfoot could be the theme for a 'hood, or how about Mad Scientist? Anything can be the inspiration.

2. Try to recreate a favorite book, movie, tv show... Characters don't tend to change that much, right? Even in a long running show you wouldn't have that many generations.

3. Similarly, you could recreate a theme from a book, movie, or show, but use your own characters. It's hard or daunting to recreate the whole Harry Potter series, but you could make up your own magical society and school easily.

4. Do something guaranteed to be small, like the entire neighborhood consists of just the residents of a trailer park, or survivors of a zombie apocalypse, or space explorers stranded on an uncharted planet.

Browse a large custom content site like MTS2, TSR, Parsimonious, Wood for Sims 2, or Around the Sims 2. The themes and styles found there may inspire you to center a neighborhood around them.

That's a good one. You'll also get enough the CC right there to actually start.

I lose interest past the second generation. That always happened every time I tried to do a Legacy or Prosperity.