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October 2008
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Lacy [userpic]
How to get started?

I haven't played Sims 2 in about three months due to being severely bored. Legacy caused that. Doing one thing over and over just finally got to me.

I've been playing Sims Life Stories (all three) but it isn't the same thing.

I've wanted a real story neighborhood for ages, but it's just so daunting. I don't know where to start and I'm afraid I'll spend ages on it and it'll be crap because I don't know what I'm doing.

I want a small farming town type of neighborhood, sort of like Avonlea in Anne of Green Gables (or better yet, in the tv series Road to Avonlea).

Like I said... no idea where to start.


Yeah, Legacy will do that for sure. I can't think of anything less fun than trying to get to 10 generations in this game. This is my starter sim. His name is Bill. This is his 3x6 house with only a toilet and bed. This is the townie Bill met. This is the maid Bill married -- points, yey!

The good news is that you've picked the easiest kind of neighborhood to develop.

You know, I think I might just write up a "getting started" guide, and everyone can contribute to it. That way it will benefit everyone.

Stay tuned!

A guide will be great, and I'll be happy to contribute if I can, not that I'm an expert at anything.

LOL. That's a perfect description of a Legacy, all right! I've never made it past the second generation!

Bad as this undoubtedly is, I always start by downloading a ton of custom content. LOL

Since you know what type of neighborhood you want, start by visiting the big sites to see what they have. You don't even have to download now. In fact, it's better not to. I always make a list first, like, these are the sites that have great clothing, these are the sites that have great hair, etc. Then I go by category and only get the best stuff. It's easy to get a lot of junk when you are only seeing what one site has, as opposed to comparing several sites.

I usually start with outlining the basics. Since you say you want an old-fashioned type of farming community, see if you can answer some of these questions about it, which will help you decide what you're going to need to get the neighborhood off the ground.

What kind of clothing will everyone wear?
What jobs can different people hold? Men? Women? Uneducated? Educated?
What jobs will need to be filled, such as doctor, teacher, etc.?
Why, and how, do some people become wealthy while others stay poor?
How are children educated?
What are some holidays people celebrate?
What are some social outlets for people, such as dances, fairs, etc.?
What are the courtship rituals, marriages, etc. like?
Can people leave? Can new people arrive?
What can, and can't, be in homes (tv's are out, obviously)?
How are things going to be bought? Do you need a store for everything or will you still use the game catalog?
If you have large families, how will you curb overpopulation?
What game features will you not be able to use (reward objects?)?
What hacks will you need to make some of the above happen?

What do you guys think of starting some thematic lists for where to get the best stuff? That would be useful.

I'm starting to put together an old-fashioned neighborhood as well.

I'm starting with the people. I figured this was easiest, because it would tell me a lot about what I would need to download and how I would need to set things up.

Here are some things you might think about (kind of like the list in the post above!):

Is there a school? If so, you need a teacher, so that's one sim.
How many kids can attend the school? This helps limit your population.
Is there a doctor? If so, you need a doctor, so that's another sim.
A general store? Maybe one of your main families will run it?
A market? How will sims sell their goods there?
A church? It will need a sim to run it.
What are some laws people have to obey? What happens if they don't?
How is land/house bought and sold? Where does the money go?
What are the main way for people to make money?
Are there any jobs around town that will need to be done by your sims?
Will you allow NPCs?
Is it a closed economy or can money and goods appear out of thin air?

Ooooh! I would love an Avonlea neighborhood. Oh, great, now you gave me ideas...!